Luxury Senior Apartments on

Prince Edward Island

Whether you or a loved one are looking for a place to retire, Andrews offers a number of luxurious amenities for residents to enjoy.

Give Your Parent a Full Life

Enjoy a Rewarding Lifestyle

    • Beautiful surroundings and comfortable living space
    • Friendly caregiving team & welcoming neighbours
    • Independence when you want it, help when you need it


Cruise Into Your Golden Years

    • A wide variety of all-inclusive services and luxurious amenities
    • First-class dining experience
    • Daily snacks and refreshments
    • Regular activities and events


Medical Care When You Need It

    • House Physicians
    • House Pharmacist
    • Medication Management
    • On-site Registered Nurses


Financially Responsible Decision For the People You Love Most

When making life-changing decisions for someone you care about, it’s important to address every aspect of that person’s well-being. Comfortable housing, security, nourishing food, attentive medical care, and a strong community are all important parts of retirement, but so is financial stability.

The Benefits of Independent Living Suites & Community Care

As a part of the Parkhill family, residents enjoy world-class programs and services, ensuring that the day to day of living in one of our residences is filled with opportunities to relax, engage with the community, and thrive as they head into their golden years. Some of the benefits of Parkhill include:

  • First-class dining experience
  • Musical classes
  • Fun exercise sessions
  • Outdoor excursions
  • Medication management
  • Holiday celebrations
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